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The Kiss of Deception - Mary E. Pearson

Don't judge, I only have so little time in a day. So i didn't finish much and i'm hoping to read more before the day ends. Also i told my friend about the book and then i explained the plot line. Next thing i know shes like " Ha shes going to marry the assassin or die because everybody knows the in a book with arranged marriages the two never get together once the girl runs away. When you finish the book watch you come up to me and say your right." I was laughing so hard at that point which just made me want to finish the book quicker. Anyway about the book i have my suspicions on who is who. But no clue if i'm right. loving this book so far. The only downfall is i find my self skipping ahead to see when the assassin's and prince's pov come into play, which means I'm not a big fan of Lia's pov. Probably going to get a lot of hate for that. A lot of people love her character. 

I'm trying to post as much as possible. I'm on a roll right now. 

Well sayonara which is goodbye in Japanese. have a great night, morning, or afternoon. how am i suppose to know.