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Reading progress update: I've read 36 out of 315 pages.

Mythology - Steele Savage, Edith Hamilton

As much as i love mythology itself. I don't have time to pick up a mythology book for fun. like my TBR pile is way to large. So now your probably wondering then why are you reading this when your current reads consists of at least 6 books. Well the answer to your question is SCHOOL. Fairly enough Greek Mythology is extremely interesting unless you know all of the stories. Which i do. As a child i went through a phase where i was obsessed with Greek mythology. You probably all know the feeling you get when you read a book for school. It's either a good or bad feeling. Most of the time for me it's bad. So bad that i don't even want to read the book and begin to resort to sparknotes. But I'm being indecisive right now because mythology can't ever be bad but school can turn nearly anything boring or bad. I will do a review on this book when I'm finished but there won't be much to say. Also i noticed something about this book, i believe that once you read the first few chapters and now all the gods, titans and Olympians you can read it in any order. If any of you guys read this book please tell me in the comments below "Read it" or "Sparknotes". 


I'm so proud of my self this is my second post today. Please don't expect this to be a pattern because School is tiresome especially when i'm tired and sleep is essential.

have a good day you lovely people reading this.  

P.S: My book has this weird coffee aroma.