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"Books are magic portals to another dimension."

I read, and watch TV shows, anime and dramas. 


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Steele Savage, Edith Hamilton
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The Kiss of Deception
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Ready Player One
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Shatter Me
Tahereh Mafi
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Sweet Peril
Wendy Higgins
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Mind Games
Kiersten White
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A Little Something Different
Sandy Hall
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Do you think welcomes to formal? Lets try that again. Hey so I finally managed to make a blog. I tried once it backfired and everything got deleted. I always wanted to try and review things but never had the courage to make videos, so I hope that blogging would help make me more confident.  Blogging is better because I don't have to show my face and during acne season, it ain't the prettiest thing in the world. So I hope you guys can join me on this journey. Enjoy, i'm not gonna be going anywhere anytime soon. But back to school. 
After all that I still haven't even told you about me. My name is Amy, its so unique I know. I'm 14 as I start this blog and i'm going into freshman year. I love reading, anime, Korean dramas, TV shows and manga. HAHA, i"m just your typical nerd. I will be doing book hauls, wrap ups, TBRs, favorites, top five Wednesdays, reviews for everything and updates.